We were asked to do some renovation work to the conference floor
of the Eneco building in Rochussenstraat in Rotterdam.

The basic principle for this project was that meetings as tedious
as they are inevitable should become more pleasant and that the rooms
that are to accommodate many visitors should be made more presentable
and brought up to date in terms of modern communication.

The closed-off character of the floor was transformed to give way to
a more transparent atmosphere by exchanging opaque glass door panes
with clear ones and putting new windows into walls. This idea extended
to the room where the management board meets in times of crises to follow
and supervise developments.

Artist Hans Leijerzapf made five works of art for the floor, centred on
the theme of energy, and photographer and artist Mariani Vermeend created
the underwater photograph whose design was used as a carpet
for the Waterwegzaal hall.