RVB Architects

Architects prefer to have maximum freedom, space and money to design exactly what they want.
You could say: ‘Fair enough, but let them do that in their own time!’ RVB Architects realises
contemporary projects and renovations with due regard for our customers’ specific wishes and
requirements, yet without being dictated by them. To RVB, every new commission is a new chance
to deliver the ultimate design. We always draw up more than one sketch. Throughout the procedure,
the designs are continually improved as we link them back regularly to previous sketches,
taking into account our customers' budgets and the requirements posed by environmental factors
and other regulations.

Smart and surprising

RVB designs are smart designs, making the most efficient use of the available resources.
Often, the solutions we come up with are surprising in their simplicity. Our designs always
take account of the incidence of light and aim to create attractive sightlines. Our renovations will
generally reflect the existing style of the building, although sometimes contrast may prove
to be the best solution for an aesthetically pleasing design. We are always happy to provide
interior advice if our customers so desire.


A clear design
An inventive approach
Professional advice

These are the key values of RVB Architects. A good architect does so much more than draw up a plan.
Indeed, the actual work does not start until after the plan has been approved. Architecture as
a discipline also covers negotiating with the parties involved, meeting agreements and communicating
with customers. Our firm is quite versed and creative in all of these matters as well.


The identity of an office building, a shop or a house should reflect that of the people using it.
At an office, such a sense of identity can be created by the people who work there, the services
they provide and the products they supply. The first thing RVB Architects does, before embarking
on the first draft of the design, is to obtain an idea of the customer’s identity. Natural points
of departure in this context are functionality and synergy with the environment.
This approach results in an exterior that is never off the rack, but truly tailor-made.


Founder Roy van Binsbergen has a solid background in architecture. After having worked for
a number of years as a furniture designer and maker, he completed his studies in architecture
at Delft University of Technology. As someone who has had plenty of experience putting his shoulder
to the wheel, he is a valuable sparring partner for contractors, construction firms, building inspectors
and other technical staff.

Roy van Binsbergen

Roy van Binsbergen obtained a degree in architecture at Delft University of Technology.
He has worked in China, Japan, Australia, Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain,
Ireland and the Netherlands. In 1990 he worked on a project for VFD architecten
in Utrecht that involved interior design of large cruise ships.
It was here that he developed specific expertise in the integration of works of art
into ship interiors, bearing in mind specific circumstances such as movement
and salt air. In 1997 he established RVB Architects in Hilversum.

General principles

We use only high-quality and sustainable materials, taking account of people, animals
and the environment. Our designs are subordinate to functionality. Meticulous work and
satisfied customers are our key values.